Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a little more catching up... october highlights

dillon has been having tons of fun taking pictures (thank goodness for digital cameras!) and especially using the video clip feature.

fun family day at the park and then a walk along the harbor down to seabright beach. micah proudly mastered the monkey bars this fall :-)

and elijah discovered his shadow ;-)

i will never tire of nuzzling into that fuzzy tuft of hair!

time for jack-o-lanterns!


...after...oh my!

giving thanks

getting back on the blog train, i see i have a bit of "catching up" to do. starting with some images from november and this breath-taking scene out my kitchen door one morning.
my little helper

hey man, cool.

i love, love, love it when the blocks and playsilks get incorporated into play with the playmobil, legos and star wars guys!

we had such a sweet, mellow thanksgiving this year, at our house for the first time. david brought his mom up from santa barbara and it was so nice having her here. elijah especially enjoyed all the extra "storytimes" :-)

micah working on a cute little tipi craft on thanksgiving.

mini golf at the boardwalk!

our advent calendar

and lots of this sweetness happening lately. have i mentioned how awesome it is to have a reader? his brothers think so too.