Wednesday, June 9, 2010


wow, 9 years of dillon! as we count down the days to his birthday, i'm feeling nostalgic and going through all these wonderful old pictures. too bad we didn't have a digital camera when he was a baby. anyone know how to transfer those old-fashioned ones to the computer? what a sweet and tender soul we were gifted with dillon, my first born son. he made me a mother and has taught me and tested me more than i ever could have imagined. my heart swells when i see him as the proud biggest brother, the nature lover, the builder, the artist. don't get me wrong, he can also make me want to pull my hair out when i see him being not so nice to his middle brother, or "not hearing" me when i repeat myself a million times. but i wouldn't trade any of those crazy-making days for anything in the world. i'm growing right alongside him as we travel this incredible journey together and for that, i am so grateful.

happy birthday, dillon, i love you!

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  1. Sending Dillon many warm birthday wishes. Your pictures are beautiful as they have captured the joy radiating from your Little's faces. I have to say that is the BIGGEST pinecone I have ever seen in my life , what a treasure.