Friday, August 20, 2010

catching up

wow! it's been over a month since my last post! i guess i have a little catching up to do ;-) it's been difficult to make the time or find the inspiration to post lately. these have been trying times for me. really trying. but i won't go into that now. i spent most of july eagerly anticipating a visit from my mom who lives back east , which i'll share in a later post . i've also been trying to squeeze in some homeschool planning here and there. (more on that at a later date :-) last weekend we celebrated david's birthday. our sweet neighbors surprised him with this blackberry cake that was so good. we took it pretty easy as we were all tired from a super fun party at our friend's property the night before. david treated us all to breakfast and dinner out, we took a nice walk on the beach and we relaxed during elijah's nap and watched prince caspian. it was a good day.

happy birthday, david!

elijah has just been as cute and enjoyable as ever. he loves to make a funny woof-woof sound and lately has discovered that everything sounds different with your fingers in your ears!

micah and dillon have rekindled their love for the playmobil and have spent time nearly everyday playing with it in the turtle pool on the deck.

elijah, of course, watches with much interest.

we've enjoyed a few loaves of yummy zucchini bread. this batch had chocolate chips, too. yum!

micah helped me harvest the elderberries growing right by our deck.

i'm hoping this will help keep my family healthy and strong this winter!

the end

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