Thursday, October 13, 2011

the big boys haven't been feeling well this week, so today we took things pretty easy. here's micah's triangle collage he made as we went over #3. before this, we just had circle, talked about things that come in 3s (many nursery stories: 3 bears, 3 pigs, 3 billy goats... 3 brothers in our family, red, gold and green rasta colors...), and played with pattern blocks and big wooden beads.

elijah enjoyed the beads, too, especially the laces. it didn't take him too long to fashion a leash for his doggie!

dillon worked on his usual independent assignments and wrote a really sweet journal entry about our "friday group". for two years we were blessed to be a part of a group of waldorf homeschoolers that met on fridays. we miss it so much, but many of the families have moved on from homeschooling. the kids loved being free to hike around our friend's land and have all sorts of adventures together in the woods. they had even worked out some sort of elaborate "belt" system, kind of like in martial arts, although there were no actual belts and the highest were beyond colors, with name like tiger belt, or dragon belt. powerful stuff. such fond memories...

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