Friday, October 14, 2011

wrapping it up

well, these pictures didn't really post in the order that i wanted them to , and i don't know how to change it, and i'm too tired to reload them. so, i now present to you a jumbled-up version of our friday afternoon! ha! the boys were feeling a lot better today, not 100%, but i'd say they had at least 95% of their ENERGY back :-) dillon did quite a bit of schoolwork today, making up for lost time earlier in the week. here he is blowing off some steam when it was all done.

on monday we began our block on the ohlone indians and learned about what kind of food they ate. today we talked about their homes and some of their most important tools and weapons. our main resource for this block is a book called "the ohlone way" by malcolm margolin.

here's a cute shot of micah "after school". after circle time this morning, we briefly reviewed the letters a-f that we have learned so far. then we read (his choice) "peter in blueberry land". such a sweet story; i LOVE elsa beskow's books! afterward, he asked if he could draw a picture about it and it was so darn cute! later in the afternoon he and elijah were playing with puzzles and little chalkboards while dillon worked on his ohlone main lesson book page. micah was using his magnetic melissa and doug chalkboard that has alphabet and number magnets. when he called me over to the couch to show me what he was doing, i saw that he was arranging all the numbers and letters we have worked on in school as well as his name.
elijah played with this alphabet puzzle for a bit. he was really checking out the little pictures under each letter and looked so cute, i just kept on snapping pictures!

i mean, LOOK at those adorable chubby little arms! and the knuckle dimples!

and, of course, the tongue. sticking it out helps you concentrate, right?

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