Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ring the alarm!

today my little helper micah "helped" (ie. kept trying to eat sugar) me turn some of that mountain of dough into sticky pecan caramel rolls. there was so much butter involved that it oozed over the edge of the pan and dripped onto the bottom of the stove filling our house with smoke! but in the end, the rolls turned out to be a hit.

dillon got some homeschooling done today and finally finished up his first knitting project that was a year in the making! yay dillon! i realized today how much summer is calling to us and i think we may wrap things up a week or 2 earlier than i originally planned. i feel like dillon and i are both done with second grade. in a later post i'll recap what we worked on this year. my mind is already looking ahead to third grade. yesterday and today i read through melissa nielson's grade 3 guide from a little garden flower and got my planning wheels turning.

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  1. i have some sugar helpers like that too! nice to 'meet' you and what a gorgeous baby up the top there! em xo