Sunday, May 16, 2010

testing, part 2

the boys managed to keep themselves occupied pretty well yesterday while i tinkered on the computer. lots of lego play was involved, of course, as well as building some bike ramps and taking a trip to trader joe's with dad.

between all the loving interruptions from the boys wanting to play with him, david found some time to get in some butterfly building out in the workshop.
and although i was so sucked into blogland and even burned our dinner a little (oops) i did at least get a load of laundry clean :-)
this morning the other friday friends mamas and i had a kid free (except for the 2 yummy babies) "meeting" to feel out next year, and just gab and vent and generally support each other. it was soooooooooo nice to have that uninterrupted time for conversation with good friends. definitely a much needed and overdue break for me.
and so a satisfying weekend comes to a close. my batteries have been recharged just enough to face the coming week with open arms!

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