Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wash wednesday

ahh... the satisfaction of clean clothes neatly folded. done. now for the whole putting away part. how exactly do we fit 5 people's clothing in this one teeny tiny bedroom anyway? gardenmama has started the wash wednesday photo challenge and since pretty much everyday is wash day around here, why not count me in? i've always loved the sight and smell of clean laundry on the line. this wash wednesday ritual seems like such a wonderful idea for honoring the beauty in our work as domestic goddesses!

this morning was so sunny, warm and beautiful that the boys and i brought our drawing supplies down to the creek for some nature journaling.

micah's rendition of a red woodpecker and a butterfly on a leaf

and a tree with 2 blue jays

elijah's taking after his brothers with their love of sticks. what is it with boys and sticks anyway?


  1. It is lovely to meet you : )
    Thank you for joining in on Wash Wednesday!
    I like your photo and appreciate the "stay green" message!

  2. we are enjoying wash wednesday as well. such cute photos of your little guy!!