Saturday, May 15, 2010

testing, testing...

welcome! so, i've spent almost all day getting my new blog set up. the kiddos are finally all asleep and i can now focus on making an official first post. first, a little background info. i'm crystal and i am a stay-at-home mom of three all born at home, cloth diapered, attached, breastfed, you get the idea. aside from my passion for mothering, i'm into natural living and eating, herbalism, african dance, reggae and plan to someday get back to my work with new babies and families as a doula. my husband is david, a calm, steady, patient beautiful soul whose passion is music. he plays lead guitar in an awesome reggae band called soul majestic. he's also in the butterfly business, solar butterflies, that is. since february, he's been working a second job 5 hours away from home staying with his mom during the week and commuting home on the weekends to see his family and build butterflies. it's been stressful and crazy to say the least but we're helping each other stay strong through the tough times. my boys are dillon, age 8 (for a few more weeks), micah, 4 1/2, and elijah who just turned one. dillon is finishing up his second grade year and we have been homeschooling all along with a mostly waldorf approach. we have been blessed to link up with an amazing group of other local waldorf homeschoolers who meet every friday. we call our group friday friends and it is truly the highlight of our week. the wreath above was made by dillon 2 weeks ago and last week we hosted the group here at hidden dell for a fun day of creek play, which has to be my boys favorite past time.

mother's day weekend found the boys building a fort out in the yard with the playstands. here's elijah looking for his beloved brothers.

to be continued...

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